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Capacities: From 3 000 litre to 12 000 litre
Length: To suit mass distribution
Design: Cylindrical or elliptical
Shell & Dished Ends: 4,5 mm CORTEN steel

Flexibly mounted to chassis manufacturer’s requirements.
450 mm Diameter manhole with “O” ring seal and butterfly nut locking mechanism.
Access ladder rungs and perforated platform area at manhole.
Level indicator fitted at rear.
Rear chevron pressing, light boxes and under-run bumper.
Mudguards over drive axle/s.
Galvanized piping where required.
Tank breather pipe mounted at manhole area.
Rear valve to empty tank – by gravity.

Optional Fitment: Pump/Motor Combination
To both fill and pressure discharge.
Spray bar at rear.
Pneumatically operated controls in cab to operate sprays at rear.