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About Us

Unipower (Natal) was originally founded by Jim Anderson and Peter Colepeper in August 1986. The company initially focused on the design and manufacture of in-field timber harvesting and haulage trailers, timber grapples and production loaders. Forestry fire tankers were a later addition, fitted to 4x4 truck chassis and designed for off-road use. All in-field forestry equipment is now sold under the UniLogger brand.

Over the next decade, Unipower entered various sectors of the general motor trade market with products including vacuum tankers, rollback recovery vehicles, and PTO driven hydraulic equipment including cranes, hookloaders and skip loaders. Unipower has established a reputation as one of the leaders in specialised commercial vehicle customising and development.

In 1993, Unipower built its first car carrier combination, and has since developed a large range of trailers and equipment for the car ferry industry. All car transporter equipment is sold under the UniPorter brand, including rollback recovery vehicles. UniPorter enjoys a large market share, with product models such as the FlexiPorter, MaxiPorter and MacroPorter constituting the bulk of many of the local carrier fleets.

Recently, Unipower has entered the Metro Fire equipment market with new product offerings. All fire tender equipment is sold under the UniFire brand, with new concepts being developed on an ongoing basis.

Unipower prides itself on innovative and versatile product design and quality workmanship, focusing on specialised niche markets. Unipower also offers service and repairs to most trailers, bodies and PTO driven hydraulic equipment for commercial vehicles.

For solutions to your heavy transport problems, please contact one of our product sales representatives.


Chairman Bob Gray General Administration, Product Sales, Registration and Licensing Documentation
Managing Director Andrew Colepeper General Administration, Product Sales Engineering projects, Car Transporter development.
Director Barry Ward Administration, Product Sales, Fire Equipment enquiries.
Production Manager Runga Govender General Works manager and coordinator for production and trailer repairs.
Design Engineer James George Engineering projects, Product Sales, quotations for trailer repairs.
Purchasing Manager Khalil Casoo Materials Purchasing and Stores manager.
Suzuka Road Branch Ravi Perumal Supervisor for Hydraulics workshop, quotations for repairs and spares.
Stores : Circuit Road Abdul Ismail
Kalesh Maharaj
Goods receiving and counter spares.
Reception Kathy Fryer Reception, Invoicing and Quotations Administration.
Accounts Gail Rae Accounts and HR Administration.