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Constructed from rolled channel sections for main frame and floor cross members.
Floor manufactured from 6,0 mm CORTEN fully welded to withstand skip loads.
Unit mounted to vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.
Tipping angle of 50 degrees.
Twin hydraulic cylinders suitable for hoisting and tipping in excess of 12 000 / 15 000 kgs (skip with load).
Rear stabiliser legs – hydraulically controlled to allow for both support and levelling of chassis when loading/unloading on uneven ground.
Rear stabilisers to be fitted with suitable wheels to allow moving of unit.
Hydraulics are mounted near-side behind driver’s cab allowing for ease of operation.
Individual controls for stabiliser legs and single controls for lifting arms.
All necessary lifting chains with lugs are supplied.
Chains with hooks at rear is fitted to suit tipping mode.
Hydraulic tank fitted with suitable return line filter.
Truck chassis to be supplied with suitable power-take-off with air controls in cab.